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Tsuts’weye Women



Nearly one-quarter of businesses in the Shuswap are owned and operated by women, and many of them are getting help and support from a program specifically designed to help them take their companies to the next level.

Tsuts’weye (pronounced “soots-way-a”) is a three-year, federally funded initiative managed through Western Economic Diversification Canada and facilitated locally through Community Futures Shuswap. The project supports female-owned or led enterprises within the Shuswap region and is available to businesses in any phase of operation: start-ups through to long-standing established companies.

The Tsuts’weye business program is available to ALL Shuswap female business owners.

Boots on the ground, find your calm energy

Kate Bischke has a long history of entrepreneurship in her family. Her great-grandparents opened Salmon Arm’s first pharmacy in 1904 on Hudson Avenue, and some of their furniture now sits in her wellness centre also located on Hudson Avenue.

She opened Shuswap Float & Wellness because of the profound, lasting difference alternative healing can have. Her business goal is to build a bigger wellness collective offering a wider variety of healing therapies.

Dissolve stress, anxiety, pain and enhance your human experience at the Shuswap’s best kept secret – a hidden healing oasis with a Float Centre, Neurospa and Halotherapy.

Floatation therapy is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to completely let go, relax, and reset. Using over 900 pounds of Epsom Salts, the buoyancy of the water makes floating on water feel like floating on air.

Kate is well aware of the effects chronic pain and limited mobility can have on your life. She suffered a brain injury, broke most of the major bones in her body and is a cancer survivor.

“I have gained more confidence in myself and my business has received a boost as I have been introduced to new marketing strategies.”

Tsuts’weye Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Caroline Grover has been working with Kate to identify the gaps and needs in her business; and to connect her to Shuswap business professionals to assist her with marketing and website. Learn more about Shuswap Float & Wellness at shuswapfloatandwellness.ca

Calm, cool, coordinated
Styleline Interiors can help your design plans

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the hardest-working spaces in any home. Building or updating your spaces, ensure they stay at peak functionality by hiring a kitchen and bathroom designer. A professional kitchen designer and colour consultant with an eye for aesthetics, and a practical approach to layout, Patti Holmes can help you execute a new build or remodel suited to your personal needs.

The stars aligned allowing Patti and Alan Holmes to change their life path and move to the Shuswap area 2 years ago. Patti’s passion for cabinetry, design and colour along with the availability of retail space on Lakeshore Drive in Salmon Arm provided the opportunity needed to open Styleline Interiors. Patti is the heart and designer of the business, while husband Alan is the installation expert and their sheltie, Zoe the showroom host.

Opening a business has lots of twists and turns — and like a renovation, can be very overwhelming. A neighbouring business recommended Patti get in touch with a local marketing professional to assist her with social media – which led her to Tsuts’weye.

“Caroline helped me focus, reign things in, get a plan and move forward.”

Patti and her husband Alan are working with the business advisors to assist them in determining their strengths and assess areas where additional training or supports are required. They are excited to build their business. Learn more online at www.stylelineinteriors.com

Business Recovery & Expansion Program

The Business Recovery & Expansion Program (BRE) is specifically for established businesses, two years or greater, led by a woman or for women who play a key role in a family owned business. It is preferred the business will have revenues of $250k to $10 million and need assistance to position their business for growth and a healthy future with a planned exit strategy.

The BRE program will offer 6 months of group and private coaching that is preceded by an in-depth, online assessment of each participant’s business.
The group presentations will be held at the Salmon Arm Innovation Centre in person. The first group session will begin September 14th, 2020.

Apply online at tsutsweye.ca or get more details by emailing shuswapmentor@gmail.com

The Tsuts’weye Womens Network works with other regional economic development agencies collaboratively to support women and men in business in our region. Called the Shuswap Business Hub it is a one stop location with diverse services and assistance for all businesses large and small. The two Entrepreneurs in Residence working within the Shuswap Business Hub have assisted over 80 local businesses in the past nine months. Ranging from business concepts to exit strategies. Find more info at recovershuswap.ca

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